What is DominoWebshop.com? Why should I buy Mr.Domino’s?
We are the online shop for domino’s of high quality. These domino’s have the same specifications and quality as the domino’s that are used in professional domino projects including the world records called Domino Day. The actual domino world record of Mr.Domino made during Domino Day 2009 amounts to an amazing number of 4.491.863 toppled domino’s!

Who is Mr.Domino?
As multiple world record holder, Mr.Domino is the founder of the domino production company which has created many successful domino projects and produced 11 years of Domino Day. Like no one else, he realized that top quality domino’s are essential to achieve unique domino successes. He has therefore given his domino’s the title ‘Mr.Domino’.

Are tce-markhe domino’s suitable for children?
The domino’s of Mr.Domino are ideal for children. It stimulates their creativity and perseverance. By placing domino’s children enhance their motoric skills (hand-eye coordination), precision and patience. Building together with friends also strengthens the ability to work with others. Above all, it’s a lot of fun!

The Mr.Domino domino’s are suitable for children from 4 years and older. They comply with the Toys Directive and therefore have been accredited with the CE mark.

What is the quality of the domino’s of Mr.Domino?
Domino’s that may carry the title ‘Mr.Domino’ must be exceptional in quality. Our domino’s have the Mr.Domino imprint to mark their quality. In addition, the colours of the domino’s must be very bright. At Mr.Domino you can rest assured that the domino’s are stable and that the colours are bright. As we used these domino’s ourselves we know how important this is. The domino’s are straight and the dimensions are exactly 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.7 cm.

How are the domino’s of Mr.Domino made?

The production of the fully massive domino’s of Mr.Domino takes place through the so-called injection molding process. Under high pressure and at high temperature, the mold is filled with liquid plastic. In the mold, this plastic is shaped as a domino. After the plastic has hardened outside the mold we check whether the domino stone meets our quality standards. When the domino tile meets all requirements it is packed and stored in a modern warehouse from which it can be sent to your address.

Is there a store where I can buy these domino’s directly?
As we are a online webshop only, we do not have the opportunity yet to sell our domino’s other than via internet. But don’t worry, we are a highly reliable webshop which takes your order as soon as possible and send it to your doorstep in due time.

What happened to my account?
As we have now a fully new Mr.Domino webshop, the backoffice is also changed to a new server. When you had an account at mrdomino.com, your account did not automatically transfer into our new store. So we kindly ask you to make a new account for giving you optimal service. It’s done in a short while. Also please fill in your email for receiving special offers during the year.

What if I have another question?
First please check our page about Payment & Delivery and the page about our Terms & Conditions. Otherwise go to the contact form and ask your question at our service desk. These questions will be handled twice a week.

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